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Equipment and accessories for fishing, diving and underwater fishing


To have the full picture of fishing...

240 m2 devoted to the sale of equipment, accessories for fishing, diving and underwater fishing ... 

Not to mention accessories and clothing, swimwear, shoes, caps, hats...


The choice and the professionalism of AKWABA cater to all those for whom fishing and underwater fishing are more than a hobby: a passion.


With more than 5000 references, AKWABA is today 

the reference in the West indies !


Port de plaisance du Marin 

(Le Marin Marina)

Bassin Tortue

97290 LE MARIN, Martinique


Tel : 00 596 66 67 88

Fax : 00 595 38 11 71


From Monday to Saturday

8 30 am to 5 30 pm

Sunday and public holidays

8  30 am to 12 30 pm


Closed Dec. 25. and January 1st

More than 5,000 references

and advice from professionals! 

On 240 m2 exclusively devoted to  fishing where leading brands of equipment are sold alongside the most sophisticated products for all types of fishing:  more than 5000 references to satisfy the lovers of surf casting, spinning,  palangrotte fishing (referred to as pool fishing  in Martinique), jigging and of course big game fishing!​

To choose lures, hooks, rods, reels, wires, sinkers, gaffs based on your type of fishing practices, you will not do so on your own! You will be able to count on the AKWABA team and our expert adviser Frédéric MOREL, specialised in sport and recreational fishing to assist you in sharing his experience, tips and  passion.

Underwater fishing is also very important at AKWABA: from beginner to competition equipment, spears, wetsuits, guns, masks, fins, snorkels, gloves and accessories not to forget  technical diving equipment (bottle, diving computer , stabs, pressure regulators...). Our Adviser, Fred Flora, known as the "Hunter Smurf" (holder of a full national certificate) will gladly share his passion and knowledge with you.

AKWABA also presents a wide selection of free diving gear, sports and swimwear, and beach toys.

On the Caribbean coast and on the road to the beaches of the South,  AKWABA is the place to be, to equip oneself and share one’s passion for fishing.​


Credit cards accepted in our store: ​
- visa
- mastercard
- american express

Port de plaisance du Marin

Bassin Tortue

97290 LE MARIN, Martinique


Phone : 05 96 66 67 88

Fax : 05 95 38 11 71

E-mail :


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